Friday 10 November 2017

Elite ROM v4.0

1.) Base updated to B389/B390
2.) Brand New Kernel,,,
many new file system supports, fingerprint boosted , f2fs support, fsync support, many new features.....
3.) Base of KangV ROM updated to B389/B390 ROM which includes these features,
Added hidden signal WiFi icon option (K settings - status bar settings) 
Added the current wifi password ip, etc.,
display all saved wifi password options 
Update the new version of SuperSU Repair lock screen power icon misalignment 
Fix the lock screen CPU temperature display can not close
Fix the root privilege bug (update the latest su) 
Added V4a sound effects (K settings - more settings) 
Added list animation effects 
Re-modify the desktop layout, row / column icon can be set separately 
Added to modify the phone model, version information and other settings 
Added the hidden alarm icon option 
Added the hidden Bluetooth icon option 
Added hidden eye icon options 
Added the hidden headset icon option 
Added multi-window mode Enabled, you can split the screen display multiple programs, 
each program window can be free to adjust the size (restart effective). 
In the task list which enabled the function, each program will Added a window icon. 
Re-create the screen assistant icon, the default for the green grass color (other ROMer "borrow" please specify the source) 
When the horizontal screen is fixed, the navigation bar icon is dislocated 
Fixed a problem with the navigation bar icon below 350 
Repair lock screen password interface cpu temperature display overlap problem 
Fixed lock screen interface operator customization failure problem 
Added the game mode, CPU GPU running at full speed without frames 
Added the volume key to wake up the screen (K settings - more settings) 
Added the global gesture, Added all applications to double-click 
Fix the installation of app after the incompatibility problem 
Fix root issues are incomplete Repair the navigation bar menu key failure problem Rewrite the K settings, the perfect fusion of style and EMUI5.1 
New navigation bar task key long press / click action custom (K settings - navigation bar settings) 
New Navigation Bar Hidden Button Long Press Action Custom (K Settings - Navigation Bar Settings) 
New navigation bar menu button long press the action custom (K settings - navigation bar settings) 
Added status bar time double line display (also show time and date)
4.) New Kernel EliteKernelReborn v1.2 included with new features,,, like PPPOE tweaks for wifi, disbaled hw health detect for reserving more ram, and more otg things enabled,,, yet i dont know if otg working or not,,,
5.) Adblocker bug fixed,,, no more facebook or google blocking 
6.) Ram scripts added for getting more free ram by disabling zram 
7.) f2fs as default FS for data
8.) Boot Animation changed
9.) New 3D Panaroma app added,,, some users says old one didnot work,,,
10.) New TWRP added,,, Now you wont be able to install Elite ROMs with other recoveries..
11.) ROM Theme Updated
12.) No rooting method included now,,, Choose one if you want Root... 
Also, you need to set selinux Permissive for opening advance settings,,,
13.) Use EX Kernel Manager and do whatever settings you want for Kernel 
14.) VOLTE Activated

Elite ROM v4.0
Patch for L31 users

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