Thursday 25 January 2018

Elite ROM v7.4

*Base ROM updated to January Patched ROM
*Automatic OTG with the New Kernel Elite Kernel Reborn v6+
*Some More features enabled in Kernel and will try to remove SceneAware GPU governer as i think its battery consuming,,, with v6+
*HiCloud and Huawei ID 100% working for Every User from any Region 
*Elite OTG App Removed as its auto now and some users reported that it didnot get themed as it has diff package name which is not present in themes...
*K-Settings icons resize and desktop mode fixed
*Will try to Automate sync with Kernel, So it keep syncing time to time
*Fixed Files for users other than P9 Lite, some reports device forget permissions on reboot, and i got the reason with logcat from someone on 6X forums... thats why i always ask for logcat to see whats issue actually...
*Xposed updated to v89 without crash (No Support from me on using it)
*New Elite TWRP 3.2.1-0 integrated in K-Settings, you can flash it from K-Settings too
*New Video Review, installation and Usage coming in 1day... 
*Oreo Coming with Elite ROM v8.0 Confirmed... Stay Tuned And i got the Full hi6250 Oreo ROM too (Thanks to someone who helped) but Fearing to do with that as this device is More Overclocked than other hi6250 devices.... So waiting for one more device to get it....


Patch for L31 Users
Patch for Honor 6X Users
Patch for Honor 5C Users
Patch for Honor 8 Lite Users

EliteKernelReborn_v6+_with_Normal_Brightness (Magisk 15.3 Bootloop Fixed)
EliteKernelReborn_v6+_with_Darkness_Mod (Magisk 15.3 Bootloop Fixed)
Fix for HiCloud if its not working in v7.6 & was working in v7.3

SuperSU 2.82 for Elite ROMs

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