Monday 23 April 2018

Elite ROM v7.7

*Both with Kangvip & without Kangvip Roms added in single zip and aroma installer will let you choose which one you wanna install... 
*Base of Kangvip Framework updated... included many new features and some useful navbar tweaks too... also includes the immerse mode for navbar and notification bar... you will love that one...
*Base Rom updated to April Patched Rom...
*Elite Kernel Reborn Updated to v7.1+ including new SioPlus io, Brightness bar is more smooth in dark mode, hotplug, cluster plug, can be OverClocked with a switch or command... thanks to @cyclon1978
*Aroma Installer added... Let you decide to choose whats best for you... Like kernel mode that you need, apps selection, root method, sound mod, lite mode, raw mode, dt2w off or on, all present in it, choose if you want anything or not...
*Real Kangvip Framework package installer and initializer added, it could be one reason too for forgetting permissions as it control it....
*HiCloud Fix also integrated in rom,
*Choice in Camera selections... Mate 10 Pro, P10+, 7X & P10 Lite cameras added...
*Huawei Swype Keyboard selection added,,, installed if you allow it 
*Thats all things in just less than 2GB zip file....
*Used another technique which reduced size of many partitions like cust, system, product, and included more rom devices variants support... cust partition 160mb+ to just 53.3mb including all variants mods... same with other partitions, system is of just 1.6gb...
*All in One package... No patch provided for other devices... Aroma will let you decide your device too...
*Global Immersive Mode to hide navbar & status bar for big display...
*Support for every variant present and any region, EU, meafnaf, spcseas, CN...

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  1. new update soon? or not yet?

  2. Will there be any updates on your ROMs? If not, could you post a message about further activities?

    1. Probably yes when Elite Rom v8 is out it will be Android Oreo

  3. Replies
    1. You can select when installing this custom rom do you want SuperSU or Magisk

  4. Im waiting for Android Oreo on Elite Rom v8

    1. That's dead... He stopped working on Huawei related Projects

  5. Is this also working on y6 Huawei do to i know how exqvit your roms are

  6. is there any way to disable nfc in p9 lite 2017? nfc keeps crashing every time.

  7. seems to have a lot of emui useless apps. cant u remove more of them? 1
    2 update magisk / youtube / vanced manager ?
    why is there a song in there ?
    why not replace chrome with kiwi?
    why not gapps included?
    why the last kernel not included ?
    shouldnt take more than a few min.
    also .. the 3 themes u picked are shit. add at least a dark one.

    1. see the release date of rom and see when you asking to put dark themes in that. i dont even have p9lite now, project abandoned.

  8. you closed his mouth haha,
    hi a shame that the project is abandoned since there are some poor people like me who have the p9 lite xd