Tuesday 15 September 2020

EliteRom-Gaming- (1k Celebration Build)


EliteRom-Gaming- (1k Celebration Build) Released for POCO F1
*Based on POCO's Stable ROM,
*All Required Gaming Tweaks are there, there wont be FPS drop. Thats the bet, use D8G or Lawrun, even Balance profile will do the job.
*Totally Debloated, no useless app there.
*New gorgeous RED Charging Animation.
*Advanced Color Reboot Menu with 6way Reboot.
*Kept Modified stock kernel & a little bit modified thermals for moderate usage. Use kernel's specific thermals for gaming.
*If you getting heat with current thermals, just untick module to use Device's own modified thermals. They will also perform best.
*No idle drain at all. Max 0.7% idle drain, Max 11% Active drain without heavy tasks.
*CTS passed with/without Magisk and with/without ticking magiskhide.
*DSB Integrated without system icons... Avoided mess below wifi/data icons.
*F2FS filesystem support added... you can use F2FS filesystem now for getting a bit more speed advantage over ext4.
*Adblocker Removed. Use adaway app to block ads, as adblocker prevent history in some apps.
*GPU, Vulkan drivers updated to latest stable versions.
*Every system App Updated(Except google apps).
*Best battery backup along with performance, you wont find in any other Rom.
*Disabled apk signature verification for installing vanced apks easily
*Allow taking screenshots in any Secure App.
*Disabled high volume warning.
*Increase Systemwide volume by provided patch.
*New Fascinating bootanimation.
*QS Tiles arrangement can be changed on request.. currently 5x4, usually themes can change them easily...❤️

*Wipe Data, System, Dalvic, Cache (Clean Flash Recommended)
*Install Rom zip.
*No DFE, No Magisk Needed, all integrated.
*DoNOT flash D8G or Lawrun right after rom installation, install after 1-2 reboots.
*If getting more heat, disable Module for thermals, and Try.

To Get the EliteROM-Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomPlus Tab.