Tuesday 20 October 2020

EliteRomPlus- for POCO X3


EliteRom- Released for POCO X3
- ActionBar type selection, Choose old MIUI11 type small actionbar or Dynamic like MIUI12.
- Toast Animations of 22 types added. Enjoy the beautiful animations ;)
- Deodexed ROM.
- Full-screen photo for outgoing call.
- Selecting a call window for an incoming call.
- Enlarged thumbnails in contacts and call log.
- Ability to change Network Speed Meter options including single/double and with Resizing to your need.
- Dynamic Notification Icons Size, you can enlarge or make it small according to your need.
- Dynamic Number of Notification Icons, you can select instantly how many icons to show in statusbar.
- Dynamic Nework Speed interval, you can set refresh rate as you need.
- Storage tab by default when you open File Explorer.
- Ability to Install system apk downloaded from third-party sources.
- Adblocker integrated.
- Signature verification disabled in Package Manager (full bypass in next update)
- Ability to Disable Notifications of any app, either system or normal
- SmartNet settings in Connections, choose what suits you or keep it disabled.
- Totally Debloated, No useless crap there. Super wallpapers removed, install apks if you need.
- Magisk-v21 patched provided for root, 
- SafetyNet Passed by default
- New gorgeous RED Charging Animation.
- Advanced Color Reboot Menu with 6way Reboot.
- FeaturedFingerprint added, you can use Fingerprint sensor as Power Button.
- Unlocked Thermals for boosted performance.
- SmoothUI tweaks
- Amoled Colors module, need kernel support.
- New Fascinating bootanimation.

- Make sure you are Decrypted! My rom will never try to encrypt your data. Dont cry if you dont follow what i said!
- Use OrangeFox TWRP, i also prefer normal twrp, but twrp bugging after flashing rom, no idea why, use Ofox for now, will see it in next update.
- Install Rom zip,
- Dont Flash magisk right after rom flash, boot rom once, complete setup, then go back to TWRP and flash magisk.
- Patched Magisk available in group @EliteDevelopmentforPOCOX3 it will remove encryption & dm-verify by default.
- Enjoy.

To Get the EliteROM-Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomPlus Tab.


  1. Please fix immediatelly, app vault replace to google discover is better

  2. Please fix immediatelly, app vault replace to google discover is better