Tuesday 22 December 2020

EliteRom-Gaming- for POCO F1


EliteRom-Gaming- Released for POCO F1
- Base updated to MIUI-
- Squared corners to screenrecord or iPad view
- Ready for Gamers.
- Advanced Color Reboot Menu with 6way Reboot.
- Lockscreen Notifications, added option to show/hide lockscreen notifications. 
- Improved Sounds added from update.
- Gorgeous new charging animations
- SmoothUI tweaks module removed, baked them inside + more for Gaming
- Custom thermals and custom configs to less limit your gameplay performance.
- Low Battery annonying popup/sound disabled
- Deodexed ROM.
- Dynamic Notification Icons Size, you can enlarge or make it small according to your need.
- Dynamic Number of Notification Icons, you can select instantly how many icons to show in statusbar.
- Signature verification disabled in Package Manager (full bypass in next update)
- Ability to Disable Notifications of any app, either system or normal
- Moderate Debloated. Super wallpapers removed, install apks if you need.
- Safetynet Passed by default.
- Amoled Colors module, need kernel support.

- Make sure you are decrypted, Dont whine if you are prompted for data reset without doing so.
- Use any TWRP, make sure Rom boots after that and camera is working.
- Wipe data, system, dalvic, cache
- Install Rom zip. 
- No need for DFE or Firmware. All inside
- Enjoy the Smoothness better than any Rom!

To Get the EliteROM-Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomPlus Tab.


  1. support full cache data system f2fs partitions

    1. data f2fs supported, no idea about cache, didn't see.

  2. Bhai any installation errors

    1. there should be no errors if u follow instructions well.

  3. And which version is best for pubg plz rply as soon as possible

  4. Miui gallery and calling key not working

  5. This rom is average but frame drop and lagging and overheating while playing pubg and comparing to eliterom gaming eliterom gaming is best.
    In this rom while playing we use floating windows,elite rom 11 not have floating windows

  6. process to update from EliteRom 12.0.1 to EliteRom Gaming 12.0.2??

  7. what to do if screen freezes frequently?

  8. have many issues with the rom:
    -major issue is can't use slow motion because there is no MI video
    -some times camera opens and stops by itself
    -having trouble while using any payment apps
    -sometimes disconnect 5G support as I am using JIO FIBRE
    -sometimes touch deosn't response correctly
    and there are much more
    contact me for getting free issues data

  9. Bro updater process with erorr 7.. What can i do now???

  10. YouTube video watch and search history is not saving

  11. Fingerprint and screen lock not working.