Tuesday 6 April 2021

EliteRom-21.4.1 for POCO F1. A11 MIUI 12.6


EliteRom-21.4.1-A11 Released for POCO F1
- Base updated to Android 11. First A11 release. expect some bugs. pardon xD
- Base updated to China beta rom 21.4.1-MIUI 12.6
- Added missing icons for many menues in settings
- Disable notifications for all apps possible.
- Partial DSB present. bear with it guys, codes totally changed, left side dsb working, netspeed is not yet, but settled with battery icon in clever way, use nd see.
- Disabled low battery popup.
- Charging colors. change coloring of flow animation of charge your way
- Number of notifications icons can be set.
- Network speed update interval can be set as your wish.
- Allowed installations of any app, upgrade/downgrade.
- Optimius Drunk as default kernel. battery friendly.
- Smoothness overloaded tweaks.
- Don't try to mess with any system/vendor/any file in ROM! you will be responsible for your actions!

If you having issue in adding account to Chrome, please give chrome all permissions manually and try.

DSB. as there is less space in statusbar, icons push each other to take space nd other icon gets hidden, BUT it will show u currently active icon like netspeed or mute icon. hiding wifi/network icon which usually stay on all time. will tune it in next one hope so, hardly done though.

- Make sure you are decrypted! dont whine if you didn't listened it after you flash.
- Flash Rom zip with Ofox recovery only. farewell version, Clean flash only.
- Dont flash any kernel or any other zip for now, let it boot, give it 5mins atleast, once u see 12.6, set it up, micloud too.
- After you reached homescreen, reboot to Ofox and flash the Face Unlock fix file. Wipe cache, dalvic and Reboot.
- Let the rom set itself for some mins of usage. 
- Thats it, enjoy the smoothness you never saw anywhere. Now you can change kernel etc.


To Get the EliteROM-Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomPlus Tab.


  1. Is there any way to fix mi cloud services? I can't restore my messages and notes. Tried installing SIM activation app and no luck. Besides, everything else works great and smoothly.

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  3. random restart if entering dual space

    1. Give it some time during installing it or reinstall the rom and give it time to be resettle in your device till all catche will been created


  4. Can I get a farewall version of Orange Fox?

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    2. https://www.pling.com/p/1346294/

  5. I want to unban from your community ASAP

  6. I have an issue while using elite rom Whenever I open my camera and used to take a video of 4k 60 fps my device heat ups and camera gets closed did you have any solution please tell me
    in telegram @trixsearch
    in email trixsearch@protonmail.com

  7. Sir I used your elite gaming cb
    And elite rom gaming . I don't know how did you make them they are so so so perfect . There is no heat no lag . I tested cpu throttling test app and saw that normally its score is 100,000 and in game booster it is 170000 . You are the best rom developer I have ever seen . Thank u so much. And one request from me when I opened network settings there was no dedicated lte only option . That option is so important . So please remember to put that option before making your future roms . Thanks again I am sorry I can't donate you but your true fan ❤️

  8. Ofox recovery farewell download from this link