Friday 21 May 2021

EliteRomPlus- for POCO X3(Surya+Karna)!


EliteRomPlus- Released for POCO X3(Surya+Karna)!
- Includes all features form previous release. Plus
- Navbar coloring issue fixed, now it stays reversed color like default if transparent chosen on restart.
- Multiple statusbars are available now on EU base too. xD including DSB!
- Sampling frequency, bitrate for recording calls can be set on user's choice
- Action selection after incoming or outgoing call.
- Custom background choose option for call
- Maximum brightness on active call
- Night Mode/daylight mode in calls
- Avatar size for contacts. On user's choice
- Location of buttons on user's choice
- Many ident and moving buttons options for caller name, avatar, size etc. Explore yourself
- 3minit battery removed on user's demand, 2 options are available for now, Rectangular/Oval. with percentage of ur choice.
- Notification backgrounds removed, as the transparent one cause trouble for many users to set it up. will replace this with new effects.
- Back, Recent and Home buttons got coloring on user's choice, now on EU base.
- All EU based options are also back which got missed on v2 like Elite Power Menu.
- More options for animation values.
- Audio Visualiztions. configure audio beats on your choice either in lockscreen or notification bar.
- Edges effects added. Solid lines or Lightening effects, your choice.
- Lightening effects on statusbar or sides while charging.
- Regrouped everything to Elite Settings in settings app
- Battery customizations are separate now. only size and shape available for now. more coming next.
- New sounds from MIUI 12.5.
- Many missing settings icons are added in rom.
- MIUI-12 logo's also got renewed from MIUI12.5
- Miui Launcher is default now. including many new features.
- Safetynet is passed. Latest Magisk-22.0 integrated. Remember to hide magisk nd tick magiskhide!
- Google Round corners are present now, you can easily remove them by just removing a prop from a module.
- Removed global OnePlus animations from base rom. animations will be provide as patch/module for those who wants it.
- German language support added on some user's request.
- Brightness bar customizations. colors, size, picture in back etc
- Edge effects lightning animations updated. from sky blue to dark purple
- New Power Menu customizations! choose from 17 types as before or new Custom elite power menu which looks stunning with many options.
- Contacts related issues also fixed, forget to apply proper patches to all sections. now done.
- Notifications background matrix effect BUT only on blur background themes, like default/stock.
- file exploer has internal storage tab by defualt
- USB File transfer issue is totally fixed 100%
- System reverted back to r/o to better boot stuff.
- Enforcing selinux now,

To Get the EliteRomPlus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomPlus Tab.

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