Monday 21 June 2021

EliteRomPlus- for POCO F3!


EliteRomPlus- Released for POCO F3!


+ Base updated to China Stable Rom. 12.5.4
+ Fully Deodexed Rom
+ Fully Debloated. no useless crap there, all removed, lightweight rom.
+ R/W system.
+ Decrypted Rom fully.
+ Enforcing Selinux.
+ 80% nuked thermals, with many tweaks for performance boost to maxed out
+ Clock Customizations are available now. fully fixed with color, size, fonts, 30+ styles including day/date/month/year everything.
+ QS Tiles animations are also back from A10, enjoy the eye catching and customizable Tiles opening effects.
+ Network speed view color customization is available now.
- Removed some tweaks which were outdated to keep everything clean.
+ TWRP wont be vanished now, just flash Elite and twrp will be there always until you change it.
+ Battery Customizations are back now. For now just old/new icon with percentage size.
+ Status icons hide options  for all network nd bluetooth, alarm, vpn etc
+ Brightness bar customizations are also included, For old styled shade for now,
+ Dynamic choice for selecting QS columns in minimized old shade
+ Dynamic choice for selecting QS columns in expanded old shade
+ Dynamic choice for selecting QS Rows in expanded old shade.
+ New UI for changing/moving sliders,
+ Smart Networks, choose many options to customize SIM actions
+ Many new animation scale values to choose.
+ Disable all applications notifications
+ Volume bar show time selection in sound settings.
+ Notifications text colors on user's choice
+ Background of notifications panel on user's choice
+ Background color/edges and color customizations for notifications!
+ FIXED privacy protection crash
+ Edges effects, Charging animations on statusbar and sides.
+ Screenshot in secured apps is possible now.
+ Whole IncallUi tweaks are back now, check in Elite Settings
+ Enable/Disable Global dark mode for all apps at once.
+ MIUI Launcher as default on user's request. animations are there.
+ Mi Dialer & Msgs app.
+ 5-Way new sound menues. Sound assistant and all there.
+ Charging COlors are there to set.
+ List animations choice present.
+ List interpolation choice.
+ Toast animations.
+ Notification sound when screen is on option
+ Fingerprint unlock after reboot.
+ Always show notifications on lockscreen.
+ Actionbar type choice.
+ Number of notifications icons choice.
+ Choice of time to appear for sound panels.
+ Added all missing icons for some settings menues, there are 1 or 2 missing, will be added again, didn't found yet.
+ Amoled Colors module, need kernel support.

Above changes mentioned doesn't includes Xiaomi/ changelog! Check that on their web!

To Get the EliteRomPlus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomPlus Tab.

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