Saturday 21 January 2023

EliteRomNG 14.0.x.0 China/EEA Stable Released for some devices!

Poco F4 GT / K50 Gaming (ingres+taro): EliteRomNG 14.0.7 China Stable
Poco F4 / K40S (munch+munchin): EliteRomNG 14.0.3 China Stable
Xiaomi 12 Pro (zeus): EliteRomNG 14.0.8 China Stable
Xiaomi 12 (cupid): EliteRomNG 23.1.9 China DEV
Xiaomi 12X (psyche): EliteRomNG 23.1.9 China DEV
Xiaomi 12T Pro (diting): EliteRomNG 14.0.5 China Stable
Xiaomi Mi11T Pro (vili): EliteRomNG 14.0.3 EEA Stable
Xiaomi Mi11T Pro (vili): EliteGaming 14.0.3 EEA Stable
Redmi K40 Pro / Mi11i / K40 Plus / Mi11x Pro (haydn+haydnin): EliteGaming 14.0.3 China Stable
Xiaomi Mi12X (psyche): EliteGaming 14.0.5 China Stable

- Base updated to latest rom
- MultiLanguge rom for all apps
- Added Statusbar height resize feature to set as you like
- CC13 customizations added, customize Control center as much as you want
- Brightness bar customizations for CC13 available
- Shortcut apps on CC13 added
- Slider customizations for CC13 added
- Fixed Contacts select crash issue
- Fixed CC13 SmartHub blank page issue
- Added EliteMod version info in About menu
- Quick Reply removed from Settings as buggy from base side ig
- Folders size get very small if icons size increased bug fixed
- Statusbar adjustment and Other options moved to top in Elite Customizations

Above changes mentioned doesn't includes Xiaomi changelog! Check that on their web!

To Get the EliteRomNextGen/Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomNextGen/Pure/Plus Tab

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