Sunday 15 October 2023

[EliteRomLite] [V14.] [DEV] Public Roms released for all supported devices!


Poco F4 GT / K50 Gaming (ingres): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13
Xiaomi Mi 12 (cupid): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13
Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro (zeus): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13
Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro / K50 Ultra (diting+ditingp): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13
Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra (thor): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13

PORTS: (All are Real ports, not old roms with new apps)
Poco F3 / K40 / Mi11x (alioth+aliothin): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13 (100% stable, No bugs)
Poco F5 / Redmi Note 12 Turbo (marble+marblein): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13 (100% stable, No bugs)
Poco F4 / K40S (munch+munchin): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13 (100% stable, No bugs)
Poco X3 Pro (vayu+bhima): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13 (100% stable, No bugs)
Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro (vili): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13 (100% stable, No bugs)
Redmi K40 Pro/Plus / Mi11i (haydn,haydnin): EliteRomLite V14. MIUI 14 A13 (100% stable, No bugs)

EliteRom side changes:
- Base updated to latest rom release
- MultiLanguage rom for all apps
- Fix: Mi Smart Hub, you can pair apps etc fixed
- Fix: Long press on recents apps stuck issue fixed
- Fix: Cleaner apk is included in roms
- Fix: Non-smart fps devices wont have Smart fps settings, it cause hz stuck issue so fixed for Poco F3, Poco X3 Pro, Note 10 Pro
- All google/miui apps updated to latest releases
- Includes all previous mentioned changes also

Xiaomi side and full changelog here:

**FUXI, NUWA, ISHTAR, SOCRATES, MONDRIAN are suspended for A14 testing by MIUI**
**Poco F4 moved to PORTS now as its weeklies ended, Mi11 Ultra might get port from us too**
**Poco F5 adapted for China beta Weekly Ports**

Above changes mentioned doesn't includes Xiaomi changelog! Check that on their web!

Installation Instructions:
- Install rom zip using TWRP/OFOX or Fastboot. All are HYBRID roms
- If you have a/b device, then flash recovery into ramdisk using its advanced menu
- Format if you are encrypted, otherwise wipe data is enough
- Reboot
- Enjoy the smoothness+performance

Download EliteRoms

To Get the EliteRomPlus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomNG/Plus Tab

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