Monday 6 November 2023

[EliteRomNG & EliteGaming][14.0.xx][Stables] More Roms released for some supported devices!

Poco F3 / Redmi K40 / Mi11x (alioth+aliothin): EliteRomNG & EliteGaming 14.0.8 China Stable
Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet+sweetin): EliteRomNG 14.0.7 Global Stable
Redmi Note 12 4G (tapas): EliteGaming 14.0.14 Global Stable
Xiaomi 13 Lite (ziyi): EliteRomNG & EliteGaming 14.0.4 Global Stable
Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed / Poco X5 Pro 5G (redwood): EliteRomNG & EliteGaming 14.0.4 Global Stable

New Changelog:
- Base updated to latest rom release
- MultiLanguage rom for all apps
- Added spoof switches for Unlimited photos, Games FPS and Netflix! You can turn off spoof now if you want
- BGMI spoof should work now for 90fps
- Fix: Fixed an issue where after boot/reboot, screen became blank and refresh 2 times,
- Fix: Recents animation were jittering in last release when 7 options were added back so removed them now, its fine with iOS recents only with no jittering
- Fix: Long press on recents apps stuck issue fixed
- Fix: Cleaner apk is included in roms
- Fix: Non-smart fps devices wont have Smart fps settings, it cause hz stuck issue so fixed for Poco F3, Poco X3 Pro, Note 10 Pro
- All google/miui apps updated to latest releases
- Includes all previous written changes also

Changelog is BIG, read more changes on below link:

Above changes mentioned doesn't includes Xiaomi changelog! Check that on their web!

To Get the EliteRomNextGen/Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomNextGen/Pure/Plus Tab

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