Saturday 16 December 2023

[EliteRomNG/EliteGaming][][DEV/Stable] HyperOS Roms released for some supported devices!

HyperOS releases:
Poco F3 / Redmi K40 / Mi11x (alioth+aliothin): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV Port
Poco F5 Pro / Redmi K60 (mondrian): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Poco F4 GT / Redmi K50 Gaming (ingres): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Xiaomi 13 (fuxi): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Xiaomi 13 Pro (nuwa): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Redmi K60 Pro (socrates): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro / Redmi K50 Ultra (diting+ditingp): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12 (cupid): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro (zeus): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro (vili): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV Port
Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra (thor): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV
Poco F4 / Redmi K40S (munch+munchin): EliteRomNG OS1. DEV Port

MIUI releases:
Poco X5 Pro 5G / Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed (redwood): EliteGaming 14.0.7 Global Stable
Poco X5 Pro 5G / Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed (redwood): EliteGaming 14.0.6 China Stable
Xiaomi Civi 2 (ziyi): EliteRomNG 14.0.14 China Stable

New Changelog:
HyperOS changelog:
- Base updated to latest Release
- Multilanguage rom, properly added all languages systemwide
- All the new HyperOS goodies inside, fully updated rom
- SafetyNet is passed by default, with/without magisk, banking apps works flawlessly
- If google ban our fingerprints again, you can use any module or build.prop edit to fix it easily, no need reup rom
- Control center 11 styled toggles coloring options
- Games gunsight wont disappear now from game turbo :)
- Latest A14 TWRP's included in all roms
- Fix: Backup/Cloud option was crashing in Mi Account section
**Launcher Customizations
- iOS recents added in HyperOS launcher, smoothest experience
- Folders styles 1x2 and 2x1 also added
- Grid options are present upto 8x22
- Docks customizations added in launcher settings>Icons
- Launcher's homescreen>Icons menu got many new features, including dock customizations
- Blur in folder background choice, inside MIUI Launcher menu
- Blur in recents background choice, inside MIUI Launcher menu
- Hide icon names on Mi Launcher choice
- Icon shadows on desktop choice
- Always show clock on desktop
- Disable icon animation on desktop
- Screen unlock animation enable/disable
- Includes all previous written changes also
MIUI changelog:
- Base updated to latest rom release
- MultiLanguage rom for all apps
- SafetyNet fixed, all payment apps etc will work fine
- Many apps integrated from hyperOS rom like weather, launcher, package installer, permission manager etc
- Many under the hood improvements
- All google/miui apps updated to latest releases
- Includes all previous written changes also

Changelog is BIG, read more changes on below link:

Above changes mentioned doesn't includes Xiaomi changelog! Check that on their web!

To Get the EliteRomNextGen/Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomNextGen/Pure/Plus Tab

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