Sunday 30 June 2024

[EliteRomLite] [HyperOS] [OS1.] [DEV] Public Roms released for all supported devices!


Redmi K70 Pro (manet) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV Port
Poco F6 Pro / Redmi K70 (vermeer) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV Port
Poco F3 / K40 / Mi11X (alioth+aliothin) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV Port
Xiaomi 14 (houji) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi 14 Pro (shennnong) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi 13 (fuxi) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi 13 Pro (nuwa) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi 13 Ultra (ishtar) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12 (cupid) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro (zeus) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro (diting,ditingp) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12S (mayfly) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro (unicorn) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra (thor) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Redmi K60 Pro (socrates) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Poco F4 GT / Redmi K50 Gaming (ingres) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Poco F5 Pro / Redmi K60 (mondrian) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV
Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 (zizhan) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV (Paid)
Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 (babylon) : EliteRomLite OS1. DEV (Paid)

Working available paid PORTS A14: (uploading)
- Poco X3 Pro #vayu #bhima
- Poco F4 / K40S #munch #munchin
- Redmi K40 Pro / Mi11X Pro #haydn #haydnin
- Xiaomi Mi11T Pro #vili
- Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra/Pro #star #mars
- Xiaomi Mi 11 #venus

EliteRomLite 24.6.24 side changes:
- Base updated to latest mentioned rom
- Multilanguage rom, properly added all languages systemwide
- Now you can access Android folder in internal sdcard
- Disabled cloud control and local sync for joyose app, apps should keep 120hz now
- Fixed Storage/Recent tabs in file explorer (in latest updated roms only)
- Added full language support now for languages like Indonesian (it was missing from selection)
- Includes all previous changes too
==Xiaomi base side changes 24.6.24==
- Optimizing application preloading to improve application startup speed
Optimizing application launch animation strategy to reduce application launch delay
Optimizing the system resource recycling strategy when switching applications to improve application smoothness
Optimizing memory usage to improve Douyin smoothness

* All our roms have EliteDevelopment Module apk installed in rom which will help you to pass Safetynet/Integrity without doing anything, if incase google ban our used fingerprints, just update new apk from here EliteDevelopment-Module apk

Xiaomi side and full changelog here:

Above changes mentioned doesn't includes Xiaomi changelog! Check that on their web!

Installation Instructions:
- Install rom zip using TWRP/OFOX or Fastboot. All are HYBRID roms
- Format if you are encrypted, otherwise wipe data is enough
- Reboot
- Enjoy the smoothness+performance

Download EliteRoms

To Get the EliteRomPlus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomNG/Plus Tab


  1. How can I disable the "pause app activity if unused", It is active in all apps, I deactivate it and it is activated again