Elite TWRP Project

Here is the method and way to flash TWRP on P9 Lite, Honor 5C, 6X or Honor 8 Lite

This TWRP is only for EMUI 5.X ROMs & ROMs based on Nougat blobs...

Remember that you always need Elite TWRP for installing any ROM... Plus you can install any other available ROM too with this so don't hesitate.

Additional Features:
*Latest TWRP 3.2.1-0
*Support Huawei P9 Lite, Honor 5C, 6X & Honor 8 Lite
*Added Support for All Partitions Like Cust, Data, Vendor, Product, System, Version
*Image install Support in Cust, System, Product, Vendor, System & Version
*Backup Facility for all Partitions including, Boot, Cache, Data, Product, Cust, Vendor, System, Version and OEMinfo
*Compatible to install Each and Every ROM including Elite ROMs, AOSP Based ROMs...
*Mount Support for Cust, Data, Product, Vendor, Version & System
*Decryption Support

How to flash this TWRP :

You have 2 ways, Either Flash from fastboot or install from any other TWRP,

To Flash with fastboot, Go to fastboot mode and give command,  fastboot flash recovery (name or recovery).img

To install from other TWRP, go to install option, select install image, select recovery image file and swipe to install.

Now you will be able to do backups and wipes of every present partition.



  1. hello impossible to install Elite TWRP-3.1.1-1.img .car I install twrp project honor 5c KIW-L21I had it flash manually I think, then I still install Elite rom v5.1
    My is Kernel version 3.10.49-g91e5af6d00903065@tblbuild2*1
    my version of EMUI is 4.0.3

  2. this TWRP is for Nougat only.. emui5

  3. thanks for your work. keep it up.

  4. My Huawei P8 does not play facebook beta version, does it have to do with the above issue you are arguing about?

  5. The 3.1.1-0 version is not online. Plz update