FAQs for AOSP Based ROMs

1.) What to do if My Phone got bootloop or not booting ??
You have changed vendor, or modified vendor(not stock), OpenKirin vendor will never ever work,, so get Pure stock vendor of your device... it will work for sure... if still not, change you data filesystem...

2.) What to do if my SIMs are not working ??
Go to Extras, disable dual sim, reboot phone,, now read carefully,,
1. Install hex editor app from playstore
2. Make sure you have file explorer with root privileges
3. Open hex editor and find modem,id file on this location root/sys/firmware/devicetree/base/hisi,modem_id and open it.
4. Write down all numbers in first row
5. Then go to root/system/vendor and find phone.prop and open it with text editor.
6. Find your modem id by using search and type 0x3xxxxxx where X is your number from hex reader
7. Then make it look like this:

3.) What to do if my SafetyNet is not passed ??
Update Magisk to latest beta version, tick Magisk Hide and enable usb debugging... 
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  1. Usualy, this needs to be changed in modem configuration:

    persist.radio.multisim.config to single
    Persist.dsds.enabled to false
    Ro.config.client_number to 1 and
    Ro.config.modem_number to 1

  2. Hi! Does AOSP or Lineage update itself? or i must update manually everytime? TY!