Thursday 8 December 2022

EliteRomNG V13. China DEV released for Supported devices!


Poco F3 / K40 / Mi11x (alioth+aliothin): EliteRomNG V13. Developers Rom

- Base updated to mentioned rom name
- MultiLanguge rom for all apps
- New shortcuts for apps on CC13, switch in Control center settings to turn off
- New customization for contacts name & number fonts, size etc
- Fixed power menu related stuff, added new extended power menu also
- Fixed notifications background coloring
- Added CC13 tiles animations menu, choose from many available
- Fixed default coloring of calls log page
- GPU Tuner enabled by default
- New 40 seconds rom installer with new method
- Latest MIUI launcher, Contacts, Msgs, Permissions and App vault apps
- Removed charging colors feature, was taking resources and no one use it
- Fixed notifications menu crashes for some user in settings
- Removed buggy feature from calls settings page
- Totally revisited all codes and polished more
Above changes mentioned doesn't includes Xiaomi changelog! Check that on their web!

To Get the EliteRomNextGen/Plus version with more features/changes, See EliteRomNextGen/Pure/Plus Tab


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